Civil War Generals and Admirals who Wore Beards

99 Notables

Compiled for the National Beard Registry by Scott Sklar (Registry #166 - Arlington)


Daniel W. Adams (KY)
Edward P. Alexander (GA)
Turner Ashby (VA)
Alpheus Baker (SC)
Milledge Bonham (SC)
George B. Burgwyn (NC)
Patrick R. Cleburne (AR)
Alfred Colquitt (GA)
Montgomery D. Corse (VA)
Thomas F. Drayton (SC)
Jubal A. Early (VA)
Richard S. Ewell (DC)
Nathan B. Forrest (TN)
Birkett D. Fry (VA)
Thomas Green (VA)
Johnson Hagood (SC)
Nathanial H. Harris (MI)
Andrew P. Hill (VA)
Daniel H. Hill (SC)
John B. Hood (KY)
John K. Jackson (GA)
Thomas Stonewall Jackson (VA)
Albert S. Johnston (KY)
Joseph E. Johnston (VA)
James H. lane (VA)
Walter P.Lane (OH)
George W.C. Lee (VA)
Robert E. Lee (VA)
William H.F. Lee (VA)
Lnsford L. Lomax (RI)
John Longstreet (SC)
William W. Loring
John Hunt Morgan (AL)
Edward A. O’Neal (AL)
Mosby M. Parsons (VA)
John Pegram (VA)
William D. Pender (NC)
Edward A. Perry (MA)
George E. Pickett (VA)
Albert Pike (MA)
Robert Ransom (NC)
Alexander Reynolds (NY)
Jerome B. Robinson (KY)
Edmund K. Smith (FL)
Carter L. Steveson (VA)
James “Jeb” Stuart (VA)
William C. Wickhm (VA)
Felix K. Zollicoffer (TN)
Thomas J. Wood (KY)


William W. Belknap (NY)
William Birney (AL)
Eugene Asa Carr (NY)
George W. Cullum (NY)
Newton M. Curtis (NY)
George W. Deitzler (PA)
Tracy F. Dent (MI)
Charles Devens (MA)
Thomas Ewing (KS)
Edward Ferraro (NY)
Clinton B. Fisk (NY)
Andrew H. Foote (CT)*
William B. Franklin (PA)
James A. Garfield (OH)+
Kenner Garrard (KY)
George W. Getty (DC)
John Gibbon (PA)
Quincy A. Gillmore (OH)
Ulysses S. Grant (OH)+
Benjamin Grierson (IL)
Rutherford B. Hayes (OH)+
Oliver O. Howard (ME)
Erasmus D. Keyes (MA)
Rufus King (NY)
Mortimer D. Leggett (OH)
John A. McClernard (IL)
Daniel McCook (CO)
George D. Meade (NY)
George W. Morgan (PA)
Emerson Opdycke (OH)
Peter Osterhaus (MI)
Halbert E, Paine (OH)
John M. Palmer (KY)
John Pope (KY)
Dixon D. Porter (PA)*
John F. Reynolds (PA)
John C. Robinson (NY)
William S. Rosencrans (OH)
David A. Russell (MA)
Robert C. Schenck (OH)
Truman Seymour (VT)
William T. Sherman (OH)
Henry H. Sibley (MI)
Charles F. Smith (PA)
Frederick Steela (NY)
Charles P. Stone (MA)
George H. Thomas (VA)
Emory Upton (NY)
Lewis Wallace (IN)



1. This list is by no means comprehensive but rather illustrative of the depth of bearded leadership in this conflict.

2. States indicate where individuals were born or mostly resided, not where they fought or whose divisions they led.

3. Asteriks (*) indicate Admiral, all others were Generals

4. Plus marks (+) indicate they became President of the United States

5. Major source: “Who Was Who in the Civil War” reprinted in 2002 by JG Press

6. Only bearded pictures were counted, and only if they kept the beard in all pictures.