The National Beard Registry has been established to encourage men in all walks of life, from every continent, to resist conformity, corporate culture, and androgyny by embracing the beautiful, unique and utterly personal habit of growing a full beard.

In past generations, it was normal for men to grow full beards. Images from the past are filled with men who grew full beards. Military men, men of letters, activists, politicians, judges, farmers, professors, big men, small men, great men, heroes, famous and infamous men alike grew full beards.

Today, wearing a full beard is often looked down upon and discouraged. Men with full beards are now accused of being un-patriotic, whatever that is. How silly we have become. Ninety-nine Civil War Generals and Admirals wore beards, three went on to become President of the United States, (their beards went with them).

All beards are beautiful and worthy of registration. But the majestic and magnificent full and aged beard is the ultimate quest of The National Beard Registry. Like a fingerprint, a year or more of full growth on a man's face produces a one-of-a-kind appearance that defies trend, pop culture, and media driven conformity. It is a very natural and beautiful symbol of individualism, and honors the self-expressed essence within each man.

It is our belief that by establishing the National Beard Registry, we will be supporting individual creative expression, resisting blind conformity to media driven corporate culture, and promoting the notion of a world where every individual is valued.

The National Beard Registry is based in America but the word National in its name applies to any nation. International boundaries are only in our minds. Conformity is an international malaise. Beards are beautiful on every continent.

We therefore call for all men - who can and desire to participate, to grow a full beard, with only minor trimming for neck comfort, eating or kissing. We gladly register ALL beards of any length or type. We are also looking for naturally outrageous growth such as the braided Fu Manchu, dreadlock full beard, or long goatees and sideburns etc. You may register your beard online or at our booth at a festival near you. 

Thank you all men of conscience, together we will change the face of the future.

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